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Bikini and Brazilian Waxing

Know The Types

When it comes to removing the hair down there, understanding what you want is the first step. At Beauty Luxe , here’s how we refer top three waxing services.

Bikini Line

Bikini line wax is a basic tidying; we wax the sides (called your panty line) and across the top. If you’re wearing a bikini, this prevents any hairs from peeking out.

Bikini Full

Bikini Full wax allows you to take off as much or as little hair as you like from the front. If you want to leave a small strip, triangle, square, or nothing at all, it’s up to you!


A Brazilian wax goes from the front all the way to the back with an added butt strip. It’s perfect for a completely nude look or you can leave a neat triangle, strip, or square on the front—totally your choice.