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A World of Difference with One Simple Lash Lift

An eyelash lift is the perfect option for anyone interested in beautifully curled lashes without the effort. A lash lift is just the thing you need to give your eyes that extra wow factor! Our guests love getting a lash lift because it makes life easier. With an eyelash lift from The Lash Lounge Scottsdale – Scottsdale Quarter, you’ll wake up every morning with perfectly curled lashes for up to eight weeks. Easy and beautiful—an eyelash lift is the pick-me-up you need. The Lash Lounge is the best place in Scottsdale for a lash lift that provides long and elegant lashes.


An eyelash lift takes your straight lashes and transforms them into a lasting curl for up to eight weeks! At The Lash Lounge Scottsdale – Scottsdale Quarter, our expert stylists use silicone lifting rods to achieve the perfect, safe custom curl for your natural lashes. We’ll help you pick the curl that best complements your eye shape and other facial features. We then use a gentle adhesive to adhere your lashes to the rod and set the curl in place. It’s like a perm for your lashes. The entire process takes less than an hour! Eyelash lifts are commonly paired with eyelash tinting—known as a lift and tint.

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An eyelash lift and tint is a lash lift followed by eyelash tinting. Why combine them? It’ll marry the eyelash lift you love with a dark and beautiful color to make your eyes really pop! Our professional stylists at The Lash Lounge Scottsdale – Scottsdale Quarter work with you to choose the best color for your perky new lashes. We’ll choose colors that complement both your skin tone and your lovely locks. The dyes we use are 100% safe and gentle, but if you have allergies or allergy sensitivities, we recommend calling the salon before scheduling an appointment. The tinting process takes about 30 minutes. For up to four weeks after your lift and tint, your lashes will be lively and dark—with little to no maintenance


  • We’ll find a custom curl that complements your features.

  • The lash lift lasts up to eight weeks.

  • You can shower, swim and sweat without worry.

  • It completely simplifies your morning routine.

  • For extra boldness, consider a lift and tint.

Lash Lift/Tint

Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting at The Lash Lounge Scottsdale – Scottsdale Quarter

Get ready to trade in your brow pencils and mascara for a get-up-and-go look from The Lash Lounge Scottsdale – Scottsdale Quarter. Our professional eyebrow tinting and eyelash tinting services help define and contour your look to add a pop of color that lasts up to four weeks. Let your natural beauty shine and experience the ease of a month of completely maintenance-free color, giving you fuller features that make it easy to go makeup-free more often!

Keep reading to learn more about our eyebrow tinting and eyelash tinting services in Scottsdale and how they can cut your morning makeup routine in half.



Tinting darkens and emboldens your eyelashes and eyebrows to give you a fresh and natural look. Tinting makes it easy to wake up with no makeup! Our eyelash tinting and eyebrow tinting services at The Lash Lounge Scottsdale – Scottsdale Quarter are perfect for individuals who:

  • Have light-colored eyelashes or eyebrows.

  • Have thin or fine eyelashes or eyebrows.

  • Are looking for makeup-free looks for up to four weeks.

  • Are searching for maintenance-free color.

  • Are ready to cut their morning prep time in half.

  • Are ready to highlight their natural beauty.


Eyelash and eyebrow tinting are very similar to getting your hair colored. Our dye process is 100% safe and our professional stylists go through an extensive training program to perfect their application technique.

Additionally, eyelash tinting is commonly paired with a lash lift, which is known as a lift and tint. Explore our services in Scottsdale to learn more about the lift and tint process.

Eyebrow Tint


Both our eyelash and eyebrow tinting processes follow the same steps. If you would like to add a lash lift (for a lift and tint) to your eyelash tinting service, note that the lash lift will be done before the tinting process begins.

  1. During your consultation, select your custom color for your natural lashes and brows with your stylist.

  2. Close your eyes and drift into total relaxation while your stylist applies the tinting solution.

  3. The tinting solution will set.

  4. When it’s done, your stylist will top off the service with a gentle sweep of a lash and brow brush.

  5. Enjoy the color and confidence of naturally beautiful lashes and brows for four full weeks!

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