Plasma Fibroblast Nose Contour Technique

Plasma fibroblast therapy uses a plasma pen device that discharges a tiny gaseous arc of ionized plasma gas to small areas of the skin. The plasma tip doesn't directly touch the skin, but instead releases a targeted micro-current just above the skin. These pulses then superficially carbonised the skin, causing the immediate surrounding area of skin to shrink. In this way, the loose skin on the nose instantly tightens. This technique causes the skin fibers to pull closer together resulting in a tightening and lifting effect. This is the most natural way to get a smaller, narrower and smoother nose while minimising open pores at the same time. The treated area starts healing in the form of dots which also instantly minimise the pores on the nose. These dots/crust gradually drops off in a few days, tightening the underlying tissues and stimulating huge amount of natural collagen production resulting in tighter, softer & smoother skin. We have proven results with the revolutionary Plasma Non Surgical Nose Sculpting. No Needles and No surgery needed.

The procedure is pain free, quick, easy and affordable with minimal down-time compared to Cosmetic Surgery, botox/fillers injections, Lasers, Dermabrasion & Chemabrasian….etc with significant results comparable to surgery in just 1 - 2 sessions.

It is FDA approved, safe and effective method for anyone looking to tighten and lift the skin.