Laser liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure that uses sophisticated laser technology for fat removal and skin tightening in targeted areas. Laser liposuction can offer remarkable results, with minimal swelling and bruising, and significantly less patient downtime than traditional liposuction. While laser liposuction is not intended for large-scale fat removal, it can be an excellent option for shaping and sculpting the face, neck, and body by removing small pockets of excess fat, including fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. Laser liposuction can also be used to firm and tighten lax skin, even in areas that don’t need fat removal, such as the neck, upper arms, and buttocks.

How does laser liposuction work?

During laser liposuction, heat from advanced laser energy provides two-fold benefits. First, the laser is used to target excess fatty deposits, working to reduce fat cells, which are then gently suctioned from the body. At the same time, deep heating of dermal collagen stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms, promoting tissue coagulation and skin tightening as collagen fibers contract. Skin continues to firm and tighten in the treated areas over the next several months as the underlying collagen is remodeled.*

What areas can be treated with laser liposuction?

Laser liposuction is an outstanding tool that can target small pockets of excess fat in a wide range of areas, especially trouble spots that are traditionally resistant to diet and exercise. Common treatment areas include the abdomen, buttocks, knees, thighs, hips, back, breasts, upper arms, and neck. Laser liposuction may also be used for skin tightening in areas that don’t necessarily require fat removal, such as the neck, upper arms, and buttocks.